Scholastic Education

i) North-Ex is an English medium co-educational school, recognized by the Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

ii) The school curriculum is based on the recommendations of NCERT.

iii) There are well qualified u0026amp; experienced teachers in the school.

iv) The school provides education through modern technology
devices like audio visual educational aids and computers in addition to conventional class room teachings.

v) Student – Teacher ratio is kept at 20 :1 so that individual attention could be given to every student.

vi) Well equipped Science u0026amp; Maths Labs are available in the school for giving practical knowledge to the students.
The whole environment of the school is self motivated to converse in English without any hesitation. Process of self-expression and understanding in English language goes on smoothly with the help of peers, teachers and parents. We take the initiatives to cultivate thinking in English and speaking not to translate from one language to another.

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